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Birkebeinerrennet2024_Fotograf-_Emil_Sjåstad_Nyeng (25 of 63)

22.03.2024 Text: Birken, Photo and film: Emil Nyeng

Save NOK 590,-  until April 2nd
Sign up for Birkebeinerrennet 2025 with discount! The offer lasts from Friday March 22nd until Tuesday April 2nd! The Early Bird also applies to TurBirken, SkøyteBirken, HalvBirken!

Dates 2025

Birkebeinerrennet      Saturday March 15th
HalvBirken 28 km      Saturday March 15th
SkøyteBirken          Friday March 14th
TurBirken 54 km       Friday March 14th
UngdomsBirken        Sunday March 16th
BarneBirken             Sunday March 16th

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