Prizes Elite classes
Prize ceremony for the top three male and female contestants immediately after finish at Birkebeineren Ski Stadium. 

Sprint prizes for both men and women elite

Skramstadsetra: NOK 3000,-
Raudfjellet: Ski Classics
Kvarstad: Sport 1, NOK 3000,-
Midtfjellet: Ski Classics 
Sjusjøen: SpareBank 1 Gudbrandsdal, NOK 3000,-

Money prizes for the winners in Men and Women Elite

1.plass: NOK 70.000,-
2.plass: NOK 40.000,-
3.plass: NOK 20.000,-
4.plass: NOK 10.000,-
5.plass: NOK 6.000,-
6.plass: NOK 4.000,-

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