Birkebeinerrennet is 54km long, starting at Tingstadjordet, 3km west of Rena, and finishing at Birkebeineren ski stadium (490 metres above sea level), in Lillehammer.

The track takes you 9km through forrest terrain up to Skramstadsetra (640m.a.s.l), where the first drink station is situated. You continue to the first mountain top at Dølfjellet (12,5km, 820m.a.s.l), and then downhill until you reach Dambua (15.5km, 760 m.a.s.l).
From here the track climbes west crossing Raudfjellet(20km, 880 m.a.s.l). You continue pass Nysætra in forrest terrain and reach Kvarstaddammen (28km, 660m.a.s.l).
From Kvarstaddammen the track takes you through the forrest up to Midtfjellet (35km, 910 m.a.s.l) where you keep going west for 40km through the open mountain terrain to Sjusjøen (40km, 880 m.a.s.l). Going downhill from Sjusjøen, you enter the Birkebeineren Ski stadium (54km), where the finish line is, at 490 m.a.s.l.

Please read the race rules, and be sure to pack your backpack with the mandatory items.

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