How seeding is calculated for Birkebeinerrennet

Seeding for Birkebeinerrennet is calculated by comparing results for competitors that has participated in both last year’s Birkebeinerrennet and the specific seeding race.
These competitors will in average get equal seeding from the specific seeding race as from last year’s Birkebeinerrennet.

The comparison is done for several level of skills. The limit for each wave will in that way be defined by racers at the correct level of skills. Deviant results are removed, so that these will not affect the seeding.
When we calculate the seeding by comparison of multiple racers in different levels of skills, factors as weather conditions, tracks and track profile are indirectly included into the seeding.

This model of calculating seeding has been developed over 20 years, and our opinion is that this model gives the most accurate and just seeding. Still it must be noticed that XC skiing is an outdoor sport and there are no exact answers to every weather condition that can emerge.

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