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If a registered contestand is unable to attend, the contestant may sell hers/his spot to someone else.
The buyer of the spot must re-register the participation in hers/his name. It is, under no surcumstance, allowed to participate using another contestants name.

Payment for the participation sold, is an agrement between the buyer and the seller. The re-registration fee must be paid to Birken.

Any additional orders, matrass accommodation etc, will be automatically transferred to the buyer of the spot.

All participants are seeded based upon their personal results, and will not be given the same wave as the seller of the spot might have had had.

How to re-registrate
Navigate to online registration. After choosing race, remember to Choose "I have bought a place from someone". Add the sellers Birken ID and Data of Birth (ddmmyy)
Then continue as you would with an ordinary registration.

When your payment has been transfered, you will recieve a confirmation on your e-mail. By logging in to your My Page, you can at all times check your status, and change personal information. Startlists will be updated continously, but not every day.

If you have participated in seeding races prior to re-registering, please send your results to

Price re-registration

  • UngdomsBirken NOK 50,-
  • Birkebeinerløpet, HalvBirken run, HalvBirken ski 28 km, UltraBirken run NOK 195,-
  • Birkebeinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet, TurBirken ski 54 km, SkøyteBirken NOK 295,-
  • Birkebeinertrippelen NOK 395,-
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