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22.02.2024 Text and photo: Birken

Littering in the Birken track leads to accidents for the competitors during the Birkebeiner races. When you throw litter into the track you will both harm the environment and your fellow competitors. This year we increase the number of environmental guards out in the track to prevent, but also to sanction if necessary.

PLEASE – take your litter to the nearest waste zone or put it in your pocket. Litter in the track leads to fall and injuries for your fellow skiers.

Comments from previous Birkens skiers:
-I have had accidents twice due to empty energy gel tubes in the track. The last time my shoulder got seriously injured. By obeying the rules – all will have a better experience during the race.

-Throwing with empty energy gel bars in the track gives me a bad experience.

-To many throws’ empty energy gel tubes into the track. I saw one competitor in front of me falling and break both his skies due to empty energy gel tube in the track. I did also fall, but fortunately I did not harm myself or my skies. My suggestion is heavier controls and DSQ if skiers throw litter outside the waste zones.

- Very bad with all the litter in the track in the downhills, especially after the elite classes and wave 1. Sad to see fellow competitor in class 70 years + have accidents due to this problem.

-Littering of the nature we borrow do not belong in 2023. In addition, the littering of the tracks destroys the experience for all the late starters. I saw multiple skiers fall due to these empty energy gel tubes and I also got marks in my skies and gel residue in my ski wax.

15 minutes extra
It is zero tolerance for littering in the tracks. If you are caught throwing waste outside the waste zones the penalty will be 15 minutes extra om your finish time.

News this year - more guards in the track

  • Increased number of environmental guards in the tracks – especially in the downhill parts. The guards will report starting number and place if they see you throw anything outside the waste zones.
  • Waste zones will be marked at every food- and drink station

 Sustainability in Birken

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