How is the fluor ban handled in Birken?

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31.01.2024 Text and photo: Birken/Rode

Together for a fluor free Birken
In 2019 FIS banned all wax products containing fluor for all international and national ski races.
This also apply for all participants for all the races in SkiBirken March 15.-17.

Birken, all the skiers and Birken’s partner Rode, will all work for a SkiBirken free of fluor.

How to clean ski and equipment for fluor?
It is the skier’s own responsibility to ensure that their skies and waxing equipment is free of fluor. Please see more information about cleaning methods at

News this season: Testing will be done
Random testing of skis will be done after the finish by the Norwegian Ski Association. More information at FIS web page
The testing will not take long, and the result will be given within a few minutes. Testing of skis before start will not be possible.  

Exception: Ski Classics have their own testing equipment and will test the skis of the competitors in Men and Women Elite both before start and after the finish line.

Testing ahead the race
It is possible to test your ski in the Sport 1 shop at Rena on Friday 15 March. There is no possibility of testing before the start at the race day.

What happens if your skis test positive for fluor?
Before start for Men and Women Elite: You will not be allowed to start.  
If skis test positive after the finish line, the jury can use the penalty disqualification (DSQ).

Can the skis be «contaminated» by fluor from the track during the race?
Theoretically it is a possibility, but the concentration of fluor will in such cases need to be very high. It is assumed that this will not be an issue in the Birkebeiner tracks. The limit value is set higher when testing skis after the finish, to make sure that this not will be a problem.

Fluor free ski wax service by Rode
Rode ski wax takes the fluor ban very seriously. The ski wax service from Rode offers only fluor free products. If you deliver your skis for waxing and gliding and have followed FIS guidelines for cleaning in advance, Rode guarantees fluor free skis says Lasse Løwstrøm Aulin, responsible for the waxing service by Rode.

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