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Birkebeinertrippelen (Triple)

All participants that enters both Birkebeinerrennet/FredagsBirken ski 54 km, Birkebeinerløpet 21 km and Birkebeinerrittet 86km during the same calendar year, are a part of the Birkebeinertrippelen.

 Events triple 2018 2018
Birkebeinerrennet/FredagsBirken ski March 16th/17th
Birkebeinerløpet June 9th
Birkebeinerrittet August 25th

3000 spots has been reserved for online registration. You can also participate in Birkebeinertrippelen by entering the events one by one. Birkebeinertrippelen is available for all participants from age 17 by December 31st in the year of the event.            

By signing up for the Birkebeinertrippelen 2018 all events at once you get NOK 730,- in discount

If you choose to sign up for each event at the time you will not get a discount, but are still competing in the Birkebeiner triple.

Birkebeiner of the year
All participants that finishes all three races during the same year holds the title Birkebeiner of the year. If you participated in our three main events, Birkebeinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerløpet, your results will be published in order of ranking.
Birkebeinertrippelen participants that chooses FredagsBirken ski instead of Birkebeinerrennet will not be ranked.
All participants completing all three events will recieve a diploma, a Birkebeiner pin and a breakfast plate.

Super Birkebeiner
To gain the title Super Birkebeiner you have to participate in the three main events, Birkebinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerløpet. Those are the only events that give you the opportunity to achieve the Birkebeiner Medal. All participants in these events that gains the Birkebeiner Medal in all three, earns the title Super Birkebeiner. All participants completing all three events will recieve a diploma, a Birkebeiner pin and a service plate from Hadeland Glassverk.


The awards ceremony is held inside Håkons Hall after the Birkebeinerrittet.
The top three contestants in each class recieves a specially made prize.
  • 1. prize: Breakfast plate
  • 2. prize: Dinner plate
  • 3. prize: Service plate
Gift sertificate from Swix
The SuperBirkebeiner with the best results, both female and male, combined in all three events, recieves a gift sertificate of NOK 5000,- from Swix Sport AS. 
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